Why You Need a Facebook Fan Page for your Business

As you begin using Social Networking and Social Media tools to market your business and connect to your customers and prospects you need to include a FaceBook Fan page into this mix.

A Facebook Fan Page will allow you to engage your target market on Facebook and reach out to them to share more information on your business as well as connect with them.

Reasons You Need to have a Facebook Fan Page

​Here are several reasons that you need to create a FaceBook Fan Page and begin connecting with your target market via this tool:

  • Facebook Fan Pages are free – Facebook allows you to create and maintain a fan page for free
  • Search Engine Optimization or Link Love – Google and the other search engines like Bing love Facebook because it is one of the top visited sites. Having a fan page will allow you to obtain another link in the search engines back to your business
  • Instant Mailing List – You can communicate with all of your fans with one message, it provides you with an instant mailing list
  • You can have an unlimited number of fans – Facebook doesn’t limit the number of fans you have
  • Community – a Fan page allows you to build a community with your fans and engage them. Often fans will contribute content and provide information so that you can determine their needs and provide them.
  • Exposure – A fan page will allow for more exposure for your business
  • Viral Marketing – Fan pages are a viral tool because often people will share and invite others to become a fan
  • Increase influence – a fan page will allow you to share information and in doing so will increase your influence and help build your credibility
  • Natural Promotion – by having a fan page and sharing information you are able to promote your business naturally without truly advertising

​If you are ready to create a Facebook Fan Page for your business you can do so now by clicking on the link below:

​Create a Facebook Fan Page