Email Marketing for Your Business

Email Marketing

One of the top expenses for many businesses is marketing.  We have seen businesses spend large monthly budgets on marketing and in many cases they were using methods that were like throwing a net out and hoping they caught the right audience.  Once we integrated Email Marketing into the marketing mix for the business they were able to decrease their marketing costs and drastically increase the results of the marketing results.

So what exactly is Email Marketing?

Unfortunately when a lot of people hear Email Marketing they think of SPAM Mail – this is not the case at all.  Email Marketing from SourceOne Technologies consists of systems that allow you to communicate with your current customers, prospects, partners and other key members of your business – that have asked for your information.  These systems allow you to market effectively to those that have asked to receive your information!

You are no longer marketing by throwing a net out and hoping you will get a response.  You are now sending your message out to lists that have asked for your information.

What are some effective ways to use Email Marketing?

Email Marketing is a great way to connect with your current customers and prospects.  Email Marketing can be used to send out information, product or service announcements, coupons and special promotions as well as newsletters.

It is even possible to use Email Marketing to survey your customers and prospects to find out what products or services they may want in the future.

What are the benefits of using Email Marketing over Direct Mail?

There are many benefits of using Email Marketing over Direct Mail.  Here are just a few:

  • Email Marketing is a fraction of the cost of Direct Mail
  • Email Marketing can be tracked to see who is opening your mail
  • Customers and Prospects can and will forward Email messages
  • Email Marketing can be scheduled to hit a customer or prospects email on a particular day