While a “20% off” coupon will surely get some attention, you need to offer something free that has real value. Maybe you had an eBook or white paper crafted, or maybe you are likely to perform a minor service at no cost. It doesn’t matter what you are offering, real value always creates engagement.

Make Posting Easy

People love sharing valuable information with their friends and family, but honestly, who forwards emails these days? Instead of wishing that clients will forward emails, include social sharing buttonswithin the message. When these buttons are included in emails, there is a 158 percent higher click-through rate.

Group the Email List

Sending out the same communication to an entire email list will undoubtedly result in some engagement. You’ll also have individuals who simply don’t respond to certain messages. By treating an email list as one homogenous group, you are ensuring that giant swaths of your list are not engaged.

Instead, create a segmented subscriber list. Group certain clients together based on similar attributes. This will allow you to create targeted messages that appeal to each group. Once subscribers start to receive emails intended for them, they are more likely to become engaged.

Offer Something with Realistic Value

There is no doubt that a discount coupon reading “20% off” will turn heads, but to get true engagement, it is essential to offer something with real value. This could be a free white paper or eBook, and some especially enterprising company owners even offer one free service. Either way, offering a product with real value always pays off.

Email marketing can be a tough road to walk, but when it is effective, the roi is amazing. This is why you should put extensive effort into your campaign. Increased engagement means increased sales, so the initiative is undoubtedly worth it.