Monitor Your Social Media Presence with Social Media Monitoring Tools

Social Media is a tool that MUST be part of your marketing strategy.  It not only helps you connect and engage with current and future customers but also helps create more visibility for your business.  It is critical however if you are using Social Media you need to be monitoring your presence.   Your Social Media presence needs to be monitored so that you know if you are being seen, if you are being seen by the right people and if your message is engaging to your audience.  Once you monitor y our social media presence and understand your results you will be able to adjust as needed to ensure that your message is being received by the right people and they are taking action.  Monitoring your social media presence will allow you to make adjustments if you are not hitting your targets.

In order to monitor your Social Media presence there are several tools that you can use that will be helpful.   Here are some that we have found very useful.

Social Media Monitoring Tools

Hootsuite – We consider Hooutsuite to be more than a monitoring tool since it is also a great scheduling tool, however it does have some great reporting tools to allow you to monitor several items about your social media including followers, likes and reach and more.

Social Mention – Social Mention is a great tool for helping you track and see where your business is being mentioned by others on Social Media

Google Analytics – Google Analytics is a very powerful tool to use for monitoring your Social Media Presence.  Google Analytics allows you to track how many people are visiting your website from your social media platforms and also works great to help you track any social media campaigns you are running.

Facebook Insights – Facebook Insights is a tool that you must have on your radar for checking to see how well your Facebook page is doing.  This tool will allow you to see your Likes, demographics associated with the likes, the top posts, the most popular times of day to post and more.  You can also get some insights on your competitors and others in your industry.

Twitter Analytics – Twitter Analytics lets you see a lot of information about your use of the Twitter platform.

Tweet Reach –  This is a great tool to see how far your Tweet is reaching

Pinterest Analytics – Pinterest Analytics is a great tool to see how you are doing on Pinterest and where you may need to adjust.

Instagram Insights – If you are using a business profile on Instagram you will see a lot of data in your Instagram Insights on how well you are doing on that platform.

YouTube Analytics – YouTube offers an analytics tool as well to provide a lot of useful info.

Klout – Klout isn’t as popular as it used to be but it is still a good tool to see where you are ranking socially

ZoomSphere– ZoomSphere is a new tool that we just discovered that allows you to track a lot of information including Facebook reach and Facebook reactions and a lot more.  We are just starting to investigate.

Addictomatic – Addictomatic allows you to measure reach and influence by displaying  the places that you have been mentioned. It finds information on several different platforms including Google, Bing, Twitter, WordPress, YouTube, and Flickr.  It finds the most recent posts, images videos and more based on the keywords you enter.

Similar Site Search – Similar Site Search isn’t technically a Social Media tool, however it lets you find sites similar to yours and then you can investigate their social media presence and monitor it and compare to yours.

Boardreader – Not 100% a Social Media monitoring tool but this does allow you to see what is being said about your brand or others on message boards (Great for Research)

Hashtagify –  Another great tool to monitor hashtags and see what ones are the top ones for your topic

Klear –  This is one that isn’t really a monitoring tool but it does allow you to find top influencers on top platforms

There are several tools out there that you can use to help monitor your social media presence but these should help you get started.