If an industry leader favors your content and shares it, your reach should go through the roof. You can either periodically share content with these leaders or set up actual business relationships with them. No matter the route you take, having influencers on your side will bring in more sales.

Emoji Advertising

Emoji marketing should really not be the main promotional focus of a brand, but it can supplement other endeavors. By integrating emojis on social websites, especially on Twitter where space is fixed, businesses can grab people’s attention much faster than a typical text-based post.

Do not fall under the opinion that emojis are only for teenage girls. As it turns out, 92 percent of online users take advantage of emojis. This means organizations can make their message stand out without alienating consumers.

Proximity Advertising

Thanks to Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and mobile data, customers are constantly connected to the internet. This has triggered advertising and marketing tools that send out promotional advertisements to individuals based on their location. Imagine if customers got a “10% off” coupon via smartphone app whenever they were within a half mile of your store. Now, it is possible.

Influencer Marketing

Everyone knows what a famous person endorsement is, but few entrepreneurs have an active influencer marketing campaign that can accomplish the same goal. Instead of just making content and hoping it goes viral, companies can share content with industry thought leaders.

If these thought leaders then share the material, a business’s reach will expand drastically. You’ll be able to set up relationships with these individuals or simply share content with them occasionally. Either way, having the ear of industry leaders means you will have the ear of customers.

The amount of marketing techniques out there is mind-boggling. Actually, though, not every strategy is for every corporation. The aforementioned promotional ideas, however, are really worth considering.