Outsourcing is NOT a Bad Word

Never Be Scared To Outsource

Far too many organizations, both new and seasoned, spend their marketing budget on endeavors they can only hope will work. Along the way, they often spend exorbitant amounts of time getting their program off the ground. This time can be better spent improving the company. This is why budding business owners should never be afraid to outsource some of their advertising and marketing tasks. Outsourcing also provides the benefit of having professionals take care of your marketing rather than learning it all yourself.

Never ever Get Rid Of Old Content

If you are constructing superb content, you will find that followers on social media get the word out for you by sharing and retweeting. One costly blunder that some companies make, though, is thinking that they need all new content, regularly.

While it’s correct that new content that provides value is crucial, don’t simply forget older content that did well. If a post happened to go viral, make note of that fact and wait 3-4 months. After the hype has died down, repost the blog, video, infographic or whatever the content was. Recycling old content is a fantastic way to get value without spending extra cash. Remembering recycling is not reusing. You should update the content to make it fresh and relevant.

Seek Out Local Business Awards

Almost every city has yearly awards that grant distinction to the “best of the best” in the local business world. As a small business owner, you can apply to be considered for these awards. A win would likely increase brand visibility, but even being nominated can go quite some distance in getting local attention for free.

Any company would be hard-pressed to successfully market their organization without spending a dime. Even still, by following these recommendations those dimes can go a lot further.