3 Quick Ways Businesses Can Improve Content Marketing

If you don’t already have a focused content strategy for your local business, you are officially in the minority. In fact, companies spend over 25 percent of their promotional budgets on content marketing on average. This makes it obvious how important content marketing is to your business, but is your strategy everything it could be? These three quick tips will help you get your content marketing where it needs to be.

  1. Utilize Images Whenever Possible in your Content Marketing

Whether on social media or in email newsletters, images increase engagement. This is a truth that’s been proven time and again. When you aren’t posting blogs or articles, toss up an industry-related image that’s informative or humorous. And when choosing a featured image for your blog posts, make sure the image is about 1200×628 so the preview isn’t shrunk down to a size that doesn’t stand out.

  1. Utilize Content in Email Newsletters

One surefire way to bring traffic to your websites while also making your email newsletters worth reading is to share your content right in the email. For blogs, you could have small snippets to get people interested in clicking a link to read the full post. Videos, on the other hand, can be posted in their entirety right in the newsletter.

  1. Include Evergreen Content in your Content Marketing

Content about industry news or trends is certainly important, but you should also make an effort to create evergreen content. Evergreen refers to any content – from infographics to articles – that remains relevant regardless of when it’s read. Ensure that your content strategy includes the practice of including evergreen pieces into your blog as well as your social media posts and newsletters when appropriate.  Having evergreen content will ensure that these pieces of content are always relevant and can be shared more than once.

There are innumerable ways to improve your content marketing strategy, but not all of them have to “reinvent the wheel.” Even minor tweaks can lead to big results, so take the time to discuss these possibilities with whoever handles your digital marketing.

​If you are struggling with your digital marketing and creating a content strategy we would be happy to set up a 30 minute consultation with you to discuss how to improve your Content Marketing.  Contact Us Today.

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