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In today’s environment one thing that every Denver business should be working towards is increasing your influence online. Working towards this will help you establish customer loyalty and also drive new customers to you on a regular basis.

There are several ways that you can begin to create and build a strong online influence.

Two top ways to begin this process are:

Starting a Blog:
Start a blog and share important relevant information and content with your target market. Make sure to be well rounded and not focused strictly on your products and services.

Use Social Networks
Connect with others on social networks. There are many tools available for this. The tools we suggest starting with are Facebook and Twitter. Spend time connecting and socializing with your connections, share information, ask questions, make introductions.

One of the blogs we read frequently, CopyBlogger, posted a post detailing 60 Ways to Increase Your Influence Online that contains some good tips on ways to use your blogs and social networks for building influence.

The key is to connect and share and listen.

If you need assistance in establishing your online influence SourceOne Technologies can assist you with this. We offer services for setting up blogs, customized social network profiles, as well as complete internet presence packages. You can contact us today at 720-306-5001

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